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This Is Who We Are

USA Global Pageant is unique, because it is the only marriage pageant that allows both Husband and Wife to earn State and National Titles. We believe in couples working together to demonstrate their love, leadership and marriages. The Pageant features STRONG Couples who are building their marriages, families, communities and economical status.  We promote marriages that desires to build wealth through their purpose and platform. 

The Pageant was established out of a need to showcase leadership and be an example in the Black/Brown communities and was formerly known as Mr. Mrs. Ms. Black America Pageant. Effective January 2021, the Pageant took on a new name USA Global Pageant, to all ethnicities and race, still with the focus on being a light and showcasing love and leadership in the ethnic communities .  During the 2020 Racial Pandemic it was very clear that their were so many non black/brown individuals that stood for the cause of racial equity and fair treatment and that was done through a UNITED FRONT.  What better way to show change than through a Pageant with a purpose of building strong marriages, strong families, strong communities and a strong economy, 

For the National 2021 Pageant, Mr. & Mrs. Black America Title will still be awarded as well as Mr. & Mrs. USA Global Titles.

We are excited to have you join us on this amazing journey. 

Mr. & Mrs. USA GLOBAL 

Join our Royal Family

Mr. & Mrs. Division
Mr. & Mrs. Division
Apply for National Mr. & Mrs. USA Global 2021 Mr & Mrs (Age 18-59)

Apply Today

$99 Application Fee - due Immediately

Secures Your State or Regional Title 

Get Sponsored.  Friends and Families love helping to achieve your dreams and Goals. Be Bold, Ask & Win Gold

Become the next Mr. & Mrs.


Monday October 4, 2021 - Sunday October 10, 2021 

40% interview

(closed door - with judges)

20% evening gown

Must touch the ground and can be any color, any style that showcase you!

10% on stage discussion

Answering a question on stage


15% Platform Showcase

Community event showcasing your platform 

15% State Wear / Costume

Something that represents your State


  • Represent the United States of America as USA GLOBAL 2021 

  • Rhinestone Crystal National Sash (Queen)

  • Rhinestone Crystal National Crown (Queen)

  • National Stole (King)

  • 3 Days - 2 Nights at Orange Lake Resort & Country Club Location

  • $595 Towards Book Publishing

  • Appearance on the Dr. Carolyn Show

  • Cash Award 

  • Designer Earrings

  • Designer Jewelry

  • 6 Months Marriage Coaching 

  • Designer Handbag

  • Designer Watch (His & Hers) 

  • Designer Luggage

  • Velvet Crown Holder plus more...

Prizes being added daily & are subject to change ​

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