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Being a National Ambassador is a servant-leadership role and the Ambassadors are part of the National Team. The Ambassadors go through the same application process, investments, receive a Sash and Crown, have a platform, as the other Royal Family Members in the Pageant but they do not compete for a national title.  MMBA Ambassadors are unstoppable, purpose driven and are agents of change and ready to serve at a national level.  Ambassadors serve for a two (2) year term



Register for THE NATIONAL TITLE of Mrs, Ms. Miss, Ambassador

2021 - 2022 AMBASSADOR Application Fee

$200 Application Fee - due Immediately

Secures the National Ambassador Title 

Get all your investments sponsored

Friends and Families love helping to achieve your dreams and Goals

Be Bold, Ask & Earn Gold

Showcase your Royalty & Leadership 


Screen Shot 2021-10-19 at 10.45.03 AM.png

Lady Christie Lee

National Ambassador 

Apply Now

Register for THE NATIONAL TITLE of Mrs, Ms. Miss, Ambassador

Instant Return on Investment

Leading Lady and/or Man National 

Servant Leadership Role 

Wearing of the National State Sash & Crown (Female)

National Sash  + Scepter (Male) 

Sponsorship Opportunities


Speaking Engagement


Meet & Greet


Host Unlimited Fundraisers and Revenue generating events


Use the Title to host events, workshops, speak for pay, volunteer


Travel throughout the State, Country and showcase your Royalty and Platform


Host your own Coronation (Banquet)

Be a part of the National Coronation

New Chapter of your Story

Press Releases & Media Appearances

Featured on the National Website (

Organize events and share about your Platform and represent the National Team

Sponsorship Letter Template

Press Release Template

Strategies to Grow Your Brand

Plus more...

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