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Reigning NATIONAL Title Holders

Mr. & Mrs. Black America - Donna & Antonio Lindsay

Ms. Black America - Genesis Hall

Mr. & Mrs. Black America Sr. - Kathy & Joe Amos

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Welcome to Mr. & Mrs. & Ms. Black America Pageant (MMBA Pageant), America's Premiere Pageant for the confident, beautiful, educated, poised Black, Brown, and/or Bi-racial Lady and Gentleman. We showcase Families and Individuals who are making a difference in their homes and communities. The Royal Family of our MMBA Pageant are leaders, ambassadors, influencers and change agents.  They are trendsetters on a mission to build strong families, strong marriages, strong communities and a strong economy. 

MMBA Pageant has 3 divisions + National Titles 



Mr. & Mrs. Division

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Ms. Division

(unmarried female )

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Mister Division

(unmarried male) 

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MMBA Pageant provides the opportunity for those who would like to serve as National Ambassadors. It is a servant-leadership role and the Ambassadors are part of the National Team. The Ambassadors go through the same application process, investments, receive a Sash and Crown, have a platform in the Pageant, but they do not compete for a national title.  The Ambassador Title is a National Title. If you are unstoppable, purpose driven and are agents of change and ready to serve at a national level, then the Ambassador role is for you.  Learn more...

MMBA Pageant is based on 4 Principles:

Strong Marriages 

Strong Families 

Strong Communities 

Strong Economy 

Our Pageant Platforms can be in any of the following areas:






Community Development

Building Legacies

Creating Dynasties






Sunday September 20, 2020

You could be the next National King and Queen 

Join the MMBA PAGEANT Royal Family


State Pageants / Coronations will be held for:

Florida, Illinois, Mississippi, Texas, Wisconsin, Georgia



$100 Ms / Miss/ Mister Division

$200 Mr & Mrs Division  

May Application Fee Special

$100 Ms. /Miss / Mister

$200 Mr & Mrs

Due immediately to secure State, Regional or Ambassador Title 

First apply, first approved, first to receive the title

If your application is NOT approved,  1/2 of your application fee will be returned to you  

All Investments can be sponsored

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Friends and Families love helping to achieve your dreams and Goals 

Be Bold, Ask & Win Gold

2019 Royal Highlights

State /Regional Director

We are accepting applications to be a State or Regional Director.  To be qualified, applicants must have participated in the 2019 Pageant and be in good standing.  Only previous participants in our Pageant can apply. 

Candidates can choose to be a Regional Director or a State Director.  Regional Directors covers a region (multiple states) in  a particular region such as Midwest, Tri-State etc. The License is per State. 

Apply below to be considered as a Director.  Directors are required to attend Nationals and his/her State Pageant (if applicable). 

Being a Director allows you to be a part of the National Team and can be financially rewarding. 

The 2019 Mrs. Queens

DSC_1406 copy.jpg

Mrs. Roushaun Johnson 

Mrs. California

The Golden State